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Cees Schroevers Arnemuiden Pigeons

In the fishing village of Zeeland Arnemuiden known for its clocks and fishing Cees Schroevers lives. Cees who used to own many years earned a living as a fisherman on the fishing vessel ARM 15, played in that time with his father. Marine father had a lifelong pigeon fancier…and certainly not the least, “I learned a lot from my father”. Cees is the youngest of the brothers Schroevers and stems from a real pigeon family. Almost 25 year he is at the absolute top of the Zeeland pigeon but he gained a lot of national success including. 1and Nat. Midfondkamp one 2and Nat. Game. Youngsters.

Behind his house at the Veersegat 30 are the lofts, the front is oriented to the southeast. Cees has no large loft situation but like to keep it overzichtelijk.Cees gives shelter to 20 weduwnaars (12 couples total widowhood), 60 youngsters and 10 to 12 couples kweekduiven. The stakes are very high in Arnemuiden. Cees Schroevers believes in the "good bird" and the rest is secondary and less important. Good pigeons select solely on the results and nothing else. The pigeons fly to the top of 100 to 700 km. Especially with the middle-and long distance great performance.

Year 2013 is back in style closed by Cees Schroevers. Good results were achieved and on his honors several championships can be credited. With his Kyara, he also has the provincial ace middle distance of Section '96 Zealand home.

Click here for an overview of the results of 2013.

Click here for an overview of the obtained championships 2013.

It was also in Arnemuiden 2014 crescendo again when it comes to the flight performance of the pigeons Cees Schroevers. With no less than 12 times the first prize of which 7 times in the interplay. Also in Section Zealand '96 was an excellent performance include: 1st provincial middle distance nominated and 1st provincial champion natoer. An overview of the most beautiful results achieved in 2014:

Click here for an overview of the results of 2014.

Click here for an overview of the obtained championships 2014.

Cees Schroevers Arnemuiden


Most attention is claimed by the NL12-3202464 "Kyara". In 2013 This yearling widowhood hen was crowned pigeon champion in PV. The Forward, pigeon middle distance champion and 2nd pigeon champion in the interplay 7 Department Zealand '96, and as icing on the cake to provincial ace pigeon middle distance division Zealand '96.

In 2014 performed “Kyara” again great with much 3 first prizes in the interplay !
“Kyara” was in the club again 1st General acebird. She was also 1st Middle Distance pigeon champion marathon Zealand. This beautiful hen has more than earned its place in the breeding loft.

"Kyara" is a granddaughter of four superior breeding pigeons which are the pillars of the loft Cees Schroevers.

Click here for pedigree of "Kyara".


"Superboy 775"

One of the grandfathers of "Kyara" is the BE10-6163775. This fabulous grower was crowned the 6th national ace TBOTB and stems from a self-grandson of the famous Kaasboer Gaston Van De Wouwer and the 253 Vichy hen Van Eynde-Goovaerts. Despite his young age, "Superboy 775" all father and grandfather of many pigeons in the loft in Arnemuiden. Besides grandfather "Kyara" he is also the father of “Linden” in the pigeon middle distance championship in the Division Zealand '96 classified as 8th state and thus the best yearling in the ranking is, was also said 3rd Golden crack FZN.

Click here for the pedigree of the "Superboy 775"


“Dream Lady”

Coupled with the "Superboy 775" was NL09-3900547 "Dream Lady" grandmother "Kyara". This hen, bred from a son Soft biter Koen Minderhoud, won himself O.Â. Een 1e Mantes-la-Jolie 1481 d., 1e Argenton 724 d. and a 1st Châteauroux 214 d. She is also the mother of an arsenal of top pigeons.

Click here for the pedigree of the "Dream Lady".


"Azelio" and "Three Fiver"

The other set of grandparents is formed by the NL08-3800515 "Azelio" and the hen with the ring number NL09-3900555 "Three fives". In the pedigree of "Azelio" We found the father's side of the Koopman pigeons (lines Ermerveen's Hope, Annelies), moeder is NL04-0406596 "Nadine", 1and provincial asduif. The "Three fives" is a daughter of 6.15382 million BE01-Thick Flor (Flor Engels and Son), paired to a daughter Young Biter Koen Minderhoud. "Azelio" and "Three fives" constitute a veritable breeding pair and are the parents of ao:

NL11-3007112 "Alexia"
1 – 1144
4 – 6654
3 – 1412
5 – 1547

  • “Alexia” Motherboards “Kyara”
    1e Provincial ace middle distance
    1s General Association acebird '13 & '14
    1 – 1533
    1 – 1547
    1 – 497
    1 – 645
  • “Alexia” Motherboards 14-3606410 “Memphis”
    1 – 245
    7 – 819
    5 – 321
    8 – 918

NL10-3000678 "Arandino"
1 – 1147
3 – 1393
2 – 724
2 – 448

  • “Arandino” father of “Milan”
    1 – 623 – “Milan” father of: 1 – 1024 , 1 – 543 , 1 – 329 , 1 – 239 , 1 – 257 , 1 – 172
  • “Arandino” father of 12-432
    1 – 636
  • “Arandino” father of 11-302
    1 – 857

NL12-3202459 “Sharon”
1 – 1585
1 – 1047

NL13-3300339 “Gloria”
1e Pigeon Champion Middle Distance association
8e Provincial ace middle distance
1 – 651
1 – 1606
4 – 1547
5 – 645
13 – 6036

NL12-3202421 “Linden”
3E Gold crack FZN

  • “Linden” Motherboards 14-415
    1 – 1024
  • “Linden” Motherboards 14-408
    1 – 537

1e Ace Pigeon young association

1e Duifkampioen speed vereniging

1 – 236

1 – 233

Click here for a comprehensive overview of the breeding performance “Azelio” x “Three Fiver”

Click here for pedigree of "Azelio".

Click here for the pedigree of the "Three Fiver".

Cees also proves again that pigeons previously excelled in the racing later often prove again in the breeding. "Kyara", blessed with the genes of four cracks, is no exception.

Get to the top, is very difficult for many of us. Stay on top, turns out to be even more difficult. With these top pigeons in the breeding Cees Schroevers makes no secret of his ambitions.